Spanish Language Translation

Spanish Language Translation This article will be helpful to those, looking to learn quickly, short Spanish words.

While you can use electronic Spanish-English dictionaries, classic translational bilingual booklets or online Spanish language translation tools, this article will provide several phrases and key words you will find useful when communicating in Spanish.

We are unable to list all words and translations as it would require a full domain dedicated to this matter, but we will assist you in learning fun and basic words.

Words presented in this article, will allow you to start your own vocabulary that will grow as your knowledge of the language expands.

If you are looking for a Spanish English language translation of a full text or an important document, you might require Spanish language translation services. They can be located in local directory listings, or through well-known online search engines.

Provided in a Spanish English language translation form, we will list basic words, commonly used. Of course, the words which you desire to learn will vary largely depending on the area of their usage.

If it's for business related purposes you will need functional Spanish vocabulary within the sphere of your business activity. Here are few nouns that you can use as a starter:

  • Work - Trabaja
  • Representative - Deputado
  • Office - Officina
  • Bank - Banco
  • Lawyer - Abogado
  • Retired - Pansionista
  • Affiliate company - La Filial
  • Company - Impresa
  • Balance - Saldo
  • Foreign Exchange - Divisa
  • Expenses - Gastos
  • Invoice - Factura
  • Money - Dinero
  • Tax - Impuesto
  • Profit - Lucro
  • Shareholder - Accionnista
  • Trade - Comercio
  • Supply - Oferta

If you wish to learn some Spanish words in preparation of a trip, write down or print following words. They will be very useful when it comes to communicating with the hotel staff. Do not be shy to practice your newly learned words during the trip.

Locals in Hispanic counties are always flattered when tourists show interest in their language and attempt to communicate in it.

  • Airport - Aeropuerto
  • Hotel - Posado
  • Shop - Tienda
  • Doctor - Medico
  • Clothes - Ropa
  • Sunglasses - Gafas de Sol
  • Bathroom - Banos
  • Swimming Pool - Piscina
  • Towel - Toalla
  • Breakfast - Desayuno
  • Lunch - Al Muerzo
  • Dinner - Cena
  • Bill - Cuenta
  • Waiter - Camarero
  • Water - Agua
  • Juice - Jugo
  • Milk - Leche
  • Spoon - Cuchara
  • Fork - Tendedor
  • Knife - Cuchillo

Do not panic if you do not understand certain indication when on your trip. In fact, many English words are almost identical to Spanish. So it is as if, all of us spoke a little Spanish already. Nevertheless, if you donít recognize a word, try to write it down, so later you can get a Spanish English language translation, and enrich your vocabulary by doing so.

I personally use and highly recommend the English - Spanish Bidirectional Talking Electronic Dictionary ECTACO ES400TX which is a pretty nifty tool for when I forget the more complex words.

If you stay at a popular resort on your trip, most hotels offer Spanish language translation for people like you. Do not hesitate to enquire at the reception, whether they have a this type of assistance.

This way, you are most likely to bring back not only a tan, but a couple of hot Spanish sentences. Who knows, maybe this will grow to be a passion, and you will once perform Spanish language translations for a living, yourself.

Afterall, sky is the limit!