Rojas Spanish Language

Spanish is becoming the fastest growing language globally , picked by individuals to be learned as a second language. Globalization, migration and the steady high birth rate within the Latin world, the expansion of this beautiful language worldwide is assured for the years to come.

Learning another language is always an awesome personal challenge, because not only it leads to discovery of a whole new culture and an ancient legacy, but it also gives you an added value in your everyday life, whether it is in the professional or personal sphere.

Obviously, you cannot learn Spanish overnight, unless you were hit by a lightening the day before. Humor aside, anybody can learn another language and in a lifetime we have opportunity to learn more than one, we just have to want it bad enough.

Spanish Language is a rather easy language to learn, compared to Arabic or Chinese languages. If you speak French language you will be at ease with majority of Spanish words, as both languages share surprisingly vast similarities in vocabularies.

In addition, Spanish language is known for it`s simplicity of grammar and syntax, while the phonetics are very clear, where it is almost: “You spell as you hear”.

We have to admit that it gets tricky at times, like the silent H - ex. : "hola" or particular pronunciation of J and the X - ex. : mejor or Xavier or the phonetics of B-V letters - ex. : saber/.

However solid effort on your behalf, will rule out those Spanish language particularities early in the learning process. Practice makes perfect.

Recently, I came across a Spanish Community network called Rojas Spanish language, based in Minnesota. It seems pretty friendly and warm, it offers encouragement and support to expats and Spanish language lovers.

Like certain other language networks, they also provide audio and video learning material, such as mp3 Spanish lessons. Like many other online language learning resources, they offer multiple podcasts.

If we learn writing by reading, and speaking by listening, their approach does seem pretty valid. If you can download an audio material on an Mp3 player or a phone, you can learn as you are executing other daily routine tasks.

Time spent in traffic, doing groceries or walking you dog, can be maximized, by learning Spanish through your headphones or speakers, oh the wonders of technology… you may also prefer spanish language books if you wish to learn the language in a calm and immobilized state.

Up to you to choose the tool in your quest of Espanol.