Ap Spanish Language

AP Spanish language, If you consider taking an AP Spanish language class or getting ready for the actual AP exam, this article will provide you with some helpful information.

Also, if you are serious about AP Spanish Language you should get a copy of Barron's AP Spanish 2009 with 4 Audio CDs (Barron's How to Prepare for the AP Spanish Advanced Placement Examination) a friend of mine said that you can't do without it.

The AP also known as Advanced Placement Program was developed and is monitored by the College Board, a non-profit education organization in America. It works closely with high-schools, colleges and universities across Canada and the United States, providing assistance to teachers giving various AP courses.

There are known to be 37 AP courses and exams, currently offered in different fields of studies (languages, science, history, etc.) Keep in mind that, It is not necessary to take an AP Spanish course to have access to the examination process itself.

College Board makes sure that students, deprived of a benefit of an AP course within school premises or home-schooled students have equal chances when it comes to writing the AP exams.

Moreover, certain states even have offer sponsor programs for Online AP courses, you can verify it with the local AP board.

AP Spanish language exams are generally offered once a year, in May. If you fail the exam, you can re-take it as long as it is offered. The grading system of the AP exams is numerical; from 1 – 5. 5-being the strongest.

Credits are awarded for grades 4 and 5, the American Council on Education has also recommended for grades 3 to be accepted as a successful AP examination result by all colleges and universities.

Nevertheless, the credits are assigned differently from one college/ university to another, it will depend on the selection criteria of a given faculty.

You might want to verify with your local AP coordinator on the exact AP credit acceptance policy for the institution of your choice.

In addition, the AP education Program is recognized by more than 60 countries, in their candidate selection processes!

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing your studies abroad, as an international Student, you might want to verify whether the country of your destination, has an international recognition for the AP Spanish language course within their admission criteria.

Unfortunately, some colleges and universities do not recognize the AP program at all, by not accepting internationally established equivalence between college courses and advanced AP.

I am not referring solely to third-world country schools, but to fine North American colleges … Make sure to do your “homework” with the College Board database, before registering for the AP course, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The AP Spanish language course is compared to the advances 5th, 6th college linguistics level. Therefore, an intense preparation for the exam is necessary. Without an AP Spanish language practice, the luck just won’t do!

You may wish to begin the study process with my Rojas spanish language courses.

Because you will be evaluated on following skills in Spanish language: Writing, Reading, listening and speaking. The AP Spanish language is exam is broken down in 2 sections, the 1st – multiple choice answer section, will evaluate your listening and reading capacities. The 2nd – free response section, will test your speaking and writing skills.

On the College Board website you can find AP Spanish Language Free-response question samples, several other examples and even tips on AP Spanish language essay writing.

Whether you are trying to earn extra credits or obtain advanced standings in top colleges and universities, you need to get the best grade you possibly can. After all, you do not only wish to charm the admission officer with your transcript, but also benefit from this acquired in depth knowledge.

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