Learning Mexican Spanish

Whether you are a Spanish Expat looking to teach your children your mother tongue, or you are a Texan looking to acquire a functional Spanish vocabulary, all reason are good for learning this amazing language.

If you already speak French or Italian, you will find it much easier to learn Spanish, as these languages carry surprising word similarities. But you do not have to speak any other language to learn Spanish; the desire to learn is more than enough.

It is important to apply yourself, like with any other goal that you would set it your life and work, work, work. Since Spanish is different from one Hispanic world to another, you might want to determine which dialect do you prefer to master.

For example if you want to learn Mexican Spanish, there is no point for you to travel to Spain to do so , as the difference between Peninsular Spanish spoken in Europe and Mexican Spanish is too large.

Mexican Spanish is a distinct dialect build on Spain's Spanish influences and the Aztec language- Nahuatl. Modern Mexican Spanish carries multiple words from the Nahuatl language in its vocabulary. Moreover, in contrast to other Spanish-speaking countries, in Mexico the vowels are shortened while the consonants are pronounced in full force, this too seems to be the Nahuatl influence which is very consonant-complex.

Mexican Spanish is also known to be a softer variation of Spanish, compared to Uruguay spoken Spanish, for example. In addition, speaking Mexican Spanish requires slower pace to be used, as it`s spoken slower and softer that in the rest of the Spanish speaking countries. In fact, the speed used to communicate, makes in easier to learn specifically Mexican Spanish than any other Spanish language.

Mexicans especially appreciate the effort foreigners make in attempt to speak their language. Therefore you will be rewarded, not only by bigger understanding of the culture and daily events, but respect you will receive by locals for practicing your Mexican Spanish.

And it truly is a vicious circle, the more you speak the more you will understand, and vice versa. The progress you make and positive feedback you get from others will incite you to speak Spanish more, with increased confidence.

You might also pick up some slang mexican spanish which is also a lot of fun to learn.

Speaking Mexican Spanish will open new opportunities, as you broaden your skills. Set a goal to learn Mexican Spanish today, and do so at your own speed, without ever giving up.

The rest will follow.


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