Learn Spanish South America

South America consists of more than 12 countries and dependencies, and more than 8 different languages are spoken on the continent.

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Dominated by Hispanic culture, Spanish is the most widely used language, and not Portuguese as some pretend. Latin culture is very rich and exciting, known for their unbeatable Latin-American dances and rhythms. Once you get a taste of South America, you can never get enough.

Spanish language is known to vary in pronunciation and even word definition from one region to another, and South America is no different. For instance the Peruvian Spanish has many divergences with the Spanish of Paraguay.

South America is a great travel destination. You will be able to discover a whole new culture with it's enchanting landscapes and mesmerizing traditions. While visiting the continent, you can take advantage and acquire a new skill and may be ever another language.

It is unquestionable that learning a new language “on the field” is most efficient. You will be able to make the most progress by studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Surrounded by locals, you will have a lot of resources to practice the language, and will have little distraction from your learning goal, as you will be far away from home.

There are many programs and schools available across the globe for you to do so, just keep in mind that we humans learn faster when we have to and not when we want to. So if the passion is there, but time lacks, you might want to consider taking off for sometime to finally embrace your dream of speaking Spanish. Make it happen!

It is hard to determine the best place to learn Spanish in South America, because everybody has different goals and expectations when it comes to learning. You have to do a meticulous research before you finalize your decision about the destination, as there are a lot of things to see in South America, but also certain trouble areas that you might want to avoid as a foreigner.

Argentina seems to be the destination of choice for many Spanish language lovers, but Argentineans do have rather distinct word pronunciation as opposed to the rest of Spanish speaking Americas. For instance letter J is pronounces every time, even in those words where the letter is normally kept silent.

Another great destination is Mexico for learning Mexican Spanish since it's spoken in a slow pace which is easy to understand.

You have a wide selection when it comes to choosing the place to learn Spanish in South America. Do not rush your decision, weight all your options and get some feedback from individuals familiar with the country, you are looking to visit.

This way you are assured to have great pleasure and little surprises when you undertake your journey of learning Spanish in South America.

Here are top 5 destinations for you to consider:

  • 1) Buenos Aires , Argentina
  • 2) Lima, Peru
  • 3) Santiago, Chile
  • 4) Caracas, Venezuela
  • 5) Quito, Ecuador

Vaya con Dios!

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