Learn Mexican Words

Each of us, at some point in our life, really wished to understand a foreign language spoken in our ears. Maybe it was a beautiful stranger, whispering mysterious sounds, you would have killed to be able to understand at that point.

By the way if you're looking for the mexican word "YOU", it's "TU" (pronounced "too")

Or perhaps the feeling of inadequacy that was felt when a Spanish delegation visited your company and you were unable to greet them in their language to break the ice or even exchange standard, business etiquette phrases.

Many people that come to this website, express deep passion and need for this language, whether the need is an actual professional/personal life related or simply psychological, this type of thirst – needs to be quenched.

Don’t wait until the perfect moment arises and a private Spanish teacher suddenly shows up at your door, as it will never happen. Do not postpone learning Spanish until you have enough money or spare time, as we never seem to have enough of either one of those.

Life is filled with constraints, so as soon as motivation hits, use the momentum and make a mission out of it. After all, the advantages that come with understanding and speaking Spanish, are incomparable to the petty sacrifices you would have to make.

You can begin by making a list of basic Spanish/Mexican words. This list will be a good foundation for a vocabulary you will gather as you go. Pick common Spanish/Mexican words, that you can practice regularly.

For example, if there is a Hispanic clerk at the store you always go to, memorize purchase related words- and surprise him with a couple of simple Spanish words. When picking up kids from daycare you may have a conversation with a Spanish speaking parent.

Make it a tradition to greet him/her in Spanish each time, and exchange a couple of words. You will possibly make a new friend and solidify your Spanish vocabulary. Go gradually, and do not expect to learn 50 new words in a day.

To learn Spanish words, you must register the sound of the syllables in your mind, by hearing it's correct pronunciation, then reproduce the sound until you can visualize the phonetics of the word. As well, a good trick is to write the word you want to remember on a paper, multiple times. Repetition strengthens memory.

To conclude, I want to bring your attention to a curious fact. Most of humans discover a new language, by learning the naughty words first. For some reason, we are attracted to the bad words and curse language, when dealing with the unknown.

Many, are not only very eager to learn these words, but also promote their knowledge fearlessly, forgetting the inappropriateness of the expressed words. Start by learning basic, common words and when you master it fully, you can add in a little slang to shine your skills.

Otherwise, save the naughty words as your hidden talent, and you will avoid a lot of misunderstandings and trouble by doing so, especially if you're try to learn spanish in south america and are surrounded by the locals who might not share your spicy sense of humour.

If you want to learn Spanish language, you can do it! Just start .

“The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato.

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