Survival Spanish

If you face a certain level of anxiety when traveling to a foreign country, because of the language barrier, you are not alone. In fact, many people feel uncomfortable and unsafe when traveling without someone who is able to fulfill a role of a translator.

We all deal differently with unknown situations, and our adaptation capacities also vary. Therefore, it is absolutely normal that some people may feel disarmed, and helpless, unable to express themselves and be understood. This article is for those who can relate.

There is a big difference between basic and survival Spanish, and a lot of people seem to confound it. Survival Spanish consists of phrases necessary in emergency situations, and we will list the most important ones.

First of all, you have to remember that negative thoughts have a tendency to attract similar events. It is like an unwritten Murphy`s law. Basically, our fears, insecurities and worries are powered by our thoughts!

If you catch yourself imagining what could possibly go wrong, and all the horrible situations you can find yourself in –stop. Unless you are playing with fire and hitch hiking in a middle of the night , or wandering the streets of Buenos Aires alone, with a bikini on , there is no reason to worry.

Positive thoughts attract success and contentment! Besides, whatever is meant to happen – will, and none of your preceding worrying will prevent i . Have faith.

That said, survival Spanish phrases are good to know for anybody visiting Hispanic world country. It makes sense, you would want to know the vital phrases to feel more autonomous during your stay.

While it is not exactly the vocabulary you would use to make new friends , and expand your personal network , survival Spanish phrases couldn’t are useful for all to know.

In fact for that reason, many tourist city guides, have a small section with survival phrases in Spanish. It's probably not the best way to learn spanish, but it's useful nonetheless.

Here are some for you to know:

  • Can you help me ? - ¿ Puede ayudarme?
  • I don’t understand - No comprendo
  • It doesn’t work - No funciona
  • Call the police - Llame al departamento de policía
  • Call the ambulance - Llame a la ambulancia
  • Take him to the hospital - Llévelo al hospital
  • Don’t worry - No se preocupe
  • Wait - ¡ Espere!
  • Calm Down - ¡Tranquilo!
  • Be careful - ¡Cuidado te!
  • I am hungry - Tengo hambre
  • I am thirsty - Tengo sed

I have noticed that there are many survival Spanish courses offered online. Many of which, only carry the name, but have no difference from a standard beginners class. Generally, you will be able to judge the pertinence of the class, by the free survival Spanish examples they provide.

So now that you know what to say in case if **** hits the fan, have fun and relax.

“¡Bailamos!” (Let`s dance)

-is the only survival Spanish phrase we hope you ever use!