Simple Spanish Words

This article will provide you with a list of simple Spanish words and phrases you will need to remember, in order to build your personal vocabulary. Don’t expect to learn complex phrases right from the beginning; you will need to take baby steps at first.

It is crucial that you learn basic Spanish words in order to gain interest in the language and personal belief in your abilities. Practice to pronounce these words daily, for some period of time, so the information is stored securely in your long time memory.

Imagine out of a blue , popping a Spanish joke to your Spaniard colleagues and have the rest of people in the office wondering if you possess any other secret talents? That would be great.

Nowadays, simple Spanish words and phrases can be found almost everywhere. There is a multitude of CD s and DVDs (like EuroTalk Interactive - Talk More! Mexican Spanish (Latin America); an interactive language learning DVD for beginners+ )that mimic the pronunciation and teach you a solid vocabulary.

You can purchase a “bi-lingual” book, which will provide you with simple Spanish words and their translations in your language of preference. You can register to an online group tutorial and virtually work with Spanish learning peers, worldwide.

Electronic dictionaries are also very convenient when it comes to learning simple words in Spanish.

By learning more and more words, you will eventually be able to build sentences. However learning words is not enough if you want to be able to build grammatically correct phrases. Every child learns his/her mother tongue letter by letter, word by word.

Once sufficient amount of lexicon is acquired, if you let yourself go, your speech will flow. You have to trust in your capacities, and always remember that it is not the number of times you fall that count, but the times you get back on your feet.

Get ready to make mistakes, to have to repeat yourself to be understood and to search for words. It is all a natural part of the learning process.

Here are few different, simple Spanish words for you to start with :

  • work - trabajo
  • Brother - hermano
  • state - estado
  • Dog - Perro
  • government - gobierno
  • house - casa
  • life - vida
  • man - hombre
  • woman - mujer
  • country - pais
  • year - ano

As long as you are willing to work hard, we will show you how to attain your target and will encourage you to persist. Let us know, you re undertaking this journey and we will provide you with some external motivation.

This is a good building block if you want to learn spanish for begineners.