Learn Spanish Sentences

Many Spanish speaking countries offer amazing vacation destinations. Mexico, Dominican republic, Belize or Chili will seduce you with their colorful cultures and breathtaking views.

If you are preparing a trip to a Hispanic country, this article is for you.

When on a trip to a foreign country, many individuals limit themselves to staying on the resort property, and occasionally going on guided tours.

While it is the easiest way to pass a vacation, it is far from being the most interesting.

Actually, you can get same results by staying in your hot tub watching discovery channel all week-end long, and 15 minutes in a sun tanning machine.

A lot of people ignore the importance of visiting the city they are staying in. Whether it is the fear of the unknown or simple laziness, you end up leaving country well rested, but not more informed on the region and the life locals live.

We will provide you with easy Spanish sentences, to increase your communicating ability and allow you to feel more at ease when interacting with Native Spanish speakers.

However if it's laziness that prevents you from visiting a travelled city ,there isn’t much we can do. Learn Spanish phrases regardless, and you will be grateful you've done so, when you have to explain an issue to the hotel staff.

To learn Spanish sentences, you will have to write them down and memorizing them with time. Simply reading them over and repeating won't do.

Write them down in a small pad that you will be able to carry around and study it while you're still on your homeland's soil. As well, keep it close while on a trip, as it will allow you to refresh your memory when needed. Locals will appreciate your efforts in trying to communicate with them in their mother tongue.

Here are some Spanish sentences you can use to introduce yourself:

  • Good morning - Buenos Dias
  • Good evening - Buenos Noches
  • How are you? - ¿Cómo estas?
  • Very good - Muy bien
  • May I introduce myself to you? - ¿Me permite presentarme?
  • I am … - Soy
    • American - Americano/a
    • Canadian - Canadiense
    • Japanese - Japaneso/a
  • My name is … - Mi hombre es…
  • Where are you from? - ¿De dónde viene usted?

Learning Spanish sentences will benefit you in a lot of ways. First, you will be able to finally apply what you have learned as your trip progresses. Second, you will be a step higher form all other tourists, who probably can’t say more that “Cerveza” (beer).

Third, you will be highly perceived by the people you're addressing in Spanish, because you will be communicating in their mother tongue. There are more advantages to you learning Easy Spanish sentences, than what you have to give up in order to do so.

You will be perceived as one of “theirs” by the Spanish speaking hotel staff, just because you read this article, and decided to learn Spanish phrases.

Here are some general words/sentences, you will get to use pretty often:

  • Thank you Gracias
  • Please - Por favor
  • You re welcome - De Nada
  • Nice to meet you - Encantado/a
  • Can you help me, please? - Puede auydarme por favor?
  • I didn’t understand - No le entendia
  • Could you repeat one more time, please - Podria repetir eso otra vez, por favor
  • Could you speak slower please - Podria hablar más lento por favor?
  • I am X years old - Tengo X años
  • I speak a little bit Spanish - Hablo un poco espanol

And here are some easy Spanish sentences we hope you'll never get to use, but better be safe than sorry:

  • I am sick - Soy enfermo/a
  • Leave me alone - Dejeme tranquilo/a
  • Is there a problem? - ¿Hay algun problema? (not in a provoking manner)
  • I didn’t know - No sabio/a
  • Call the police - Llame a la policía.
  • I want a translator - Necesito un traductor.
  • Go away , or I will scream - Vaya , o grito!

You may need to ask someone to read those sentences out loud for you first , so you know how to speak Spanish sentences. But Spanish phonetics are very easy, as the spelling is almost identical to the pronunciation.

The most important is for you to dare to try! You will not regret learning these easy Spanish phrases.

Send us some feedback when you return form your trip, we are very eager to hear your exciting vacation stories!

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