Learn Basic Spanish

Spanish is taking over hearts and minds of people all over the world. It is not only globally recognized language of romance, but it is also a language that is becoming indispensable for numerous employers.

You will see many companies posting Spanish as one of the job requirement, where no interviews will be granted, unless you meet that requirement. And many companies will ask their current workers to acquire a certain level of Spanish to follow the industry’s trend.

Because it is a language that is widely used in the work sphere all over North America, having a functional vocabulary in Spanish will also add greater value to your professional profile.

If your employer does not have an aid program to acquire the language parallel to your work, you will have to engage in the learning process on your own.

There are many tools available online to learn basic Spanish, therefore you can attempt to make a compromise with your superior, by asking him/her to allocate you some sometime during work hours, to do Spanish exercises.

Enumerate the advantages that you can bring to the company and it's customers if you learn conversational spanish and explain that your productivity can possibly increase once your skills are improved. Management might accept, if they don’t, we have other options for you.

You can begin to learn simple Spanish words on your own, by memorizing short words, you will prepare yourself to absorb more and more information as you move forward.

There is a wide selection of learning material you can acquire online and you can ask at a local library whether they offer language CD –ROMS in Spanish for beginners. Studying on your own can serve as a great start on your learning journey.

If you are being sent by your employer to a Spanish speaking country for a work related purpose, you will need to learn some survival Spanish. Survival Spanish are words and sentences, necessary for you to know in emergency situations.

Even if a translator will accompany you to the destination, we strongly recommend for you to learn some basic Spanish, in case if unexpected events do occur. You never know what kind of obstacles or situations you might face in an unknown country and it is always better to prepare yourself in advance.

Survival Spanish are basic Spanish words and sentences that indicate your state: sick, hungry, lost etc. And can describe your immediate needs: medical attention, food, direction etc.

These words will be able to provide necessary assistance to you in case of need, and will serve as a solid foundation to your learning process; as such words can be used within the leisure context as well.

You can easily learn spanish sentences you just have to have a little bit of faith.

We strongly encourage you to learn at least basic Spanish, because such knowledge is never wasted.


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